Tage die es nicht gab


Feature film | Director: Tim Dünschede (2023)

Actually, the three ??? Justus, Peter and Bob in their latest cinema adventure “The Three Question Marks Heir of the Dragon” just want to take a vacation at a Transylvanian castle and support the work on a film set. But when strange events stir up the film shoot, they can’t help but follow their instincts as detectives to get to the bottom of the castle’s secrets…

The soundtrack of The Three Question Marks Heir of the Dragon

Contrary to the initial impulse to see “The Three Question Marks Heir of the Dragon” as a classic children’s film and to provide the appropriate musical accompaniment, the film’s music is aimed at a somewhat more adult audience.

The music takes the case of the Three ??? seriously and sets the plot to music as an exciting thriller for teenagers. In doing so, the retro sound serves both the film plot, which is largely analog and without smartphones or modern gadgets, and the audience’s nostalgic feelings for the well-known radio plays of the Three ???.

Thus the music always moves between nostalgia and modern sound synthesis. Individual musical elements borrowed from the fantasy genre round out the film’s soundscape.