David Reichelt

Composer and music producer

Münchner Komponist - David Reichelt

About David Reichelt

Munich composer David Reichelt writes extraordinary scores for films and series – for cinema and television – for national and international productions. His concern is to produce aesthetic songs for any musical genre, following the film dramaturgy and serving any mood.

David Reichelt’s musical home is in classical music and jazz. The focus of his work lies primarily in the creation of new, unique sound worlds, which are created by fusing a wide variety of genres. Whether opera or electronic music – the composer, who has already won the German Film Music Award twice, produces high-quality and universal sound art.

Awards of the Munich composer

Film Music & Songs

“For the film King Laurin, David Reichelt created a fairy-tale musical fantasy world.”

May 25, 2017

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“Unchanged great is the quirky, jazzy soundtrack by David Reichelt.”

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