Filmmusik im Tatort Dreams

Crime scene: Dreams

ARD Feature Film | Director: Boris Kunz (2021)

A young violinist, whose talent is to be promoted in a sleep research project through targeted lucid dreaming, begins to mix waking and dreaming experiences. When she dreams that she has killed a fellow orchestra member, she is not sure if the murder might not have been real. An inter-worldly case for the Munich police detectives Ivo Batic and Franz Leitmayr.

Film music in the crime scene Dreams

The score in the crime scene Dreams is a classical, traditional orchestral score. Many different themes accompany places, characters and emotions of the plot respectively. The special feature of this project was that the orchestral music of the crime scene also appears in the picture and is part of the action. Therefore, concert pieces as well as a piece for solo violin had to be composed before the shooting and then played by musicians during the shooting. Subsequently, the film music in Tatort Dreams was further adjusted in the editing process to meet the requirements of post-production.

This approach allows for a fluid transition between music in the image and film music in Tatort Dreams. The Munich Radio Orchestra recorded the film music in the crime scene Dreams, which were subsequently further expanded through modern sound synthesis, giving the overall sound of the music a modern touch.