Tage die es nicht gab


ARD ORF Series | Director: Anna-Katharina Maier and Mirjam Unger (2022)

Days That Didn’t Exist Story: Miriam, Doris, Inès and Christiane have been friends since their school days, each struggling with their own personal problems. But now they must confront the secrets of the past when Inspector Elfriede Grünberger’s investigation bursts into the ambience of the quiet little Austrian town of Zollberg. Together with her colleague Leodolter, she tries to solve an alleged suicide. The trust and cohesion of the four friends is put to the test.

The music in days that did not exist

In “Days That Didn’t Exist” the music takes the audience into the world of the plot, where everything seems to be different than it appears at first sight. The atmospheric music in Days That Didn’t Exist tells of a world full of secrets. From an instrumental perspective, a piano prepared especially for the series and the sound of the dulcimer are in the foreground. When emotions reach a peak, songs that convey melancholy, hope and attachment set in. The songs in Tage die es nicht gab were sung by Sophia Antonia, the lyrics were written by Jordan Prince.

Listen to the songs now on Spotify: Days that didn’t exist – Songs by David Reichelt with Sophia Antonia

The classical concert piece for guitar was composed by David Reichelt. Actor Stefan Pohl (stefanpohlactor_official) plays the guitar piece in the picture of the series Days that did not exist. The actor can be seen in episodes 3 and 4 of the series performing the guitar piece for an audition for a professorship. The recording of the concert piece for guitar in Days that did not exist was made by Janko Rašeta.

You can listen to it here: Classical concert piece for guitar in days that did not exist