Feature film | Director: David Clay Diaz (2021)

In this tragicomedy, four interwoven stories tell of flight, migration and Europe’s current way of dealing with it. Marie, a young volunteer, goes to the Mediterranean to help. The semi-strong Marcel founds an escort service for women in fear of allegedly assaulting migrants. The editor Petra takes in a traumatized refugee. And the asylum director Gerald is put to the test by one of his charges.

Film score Me We: David Reichelt

The episodic film “Me, We” deals with the refugee issue. In order to give the explosive topic the appropriate space, the film music Me We works discreetly with spherical sounds and reduced instrumentation. The majority of the film score Me We consists of synthetic sounds, a plucked double bass completes the sound carpet. The music in the picture, unlike the score, is very varied, adapting to the dramaturgical needs. Club scenes are punctuated with electronic beats, while a dance competition covers a variety of genres from rock to country to salsa. Accordingly, the film music Me We seems very divsers and diverse.