JOYN Series | Director: Jakob M. Erwa (2021)

What starts out as a fun party quickly turns into a disaster: a group of teenagers from wealthy homes organizes an illegal rave in the catacombs beneath Munich’s main train station. What they do not suspect: People live underground who have found no place in the normal world: The invisible. The coming-of-age series spectacularly shows the fine cracks that run through our society: Rich versus poor, young versus old.


The series “Catacombs” is a wild party and so a dynamic sound runs through the music in Catacombs. The driving club music draws the viewer into the spell of the carefree lifestyle of the rich youth. But the catacombs also contain a darker world.

Thus, David Reichelt recorded many percussive elements and soundscapes in garages, basements and halls for the project to give the music a gloomy sound. An instrument specially made for the project allows the creation of a very unique sound world. In the music in Catacombs the sounds are in the foreground, long, emotional melody lines are looked for in vain. The lyrics to the songs are by Jordan Prince, the songs were sung by Anna-Lucia Rupp.