Limbo Score


Feature film | Director: Tim Dünschede (2020)

Ana is a newcomer to the profession and notices an unusual requirement in the control system. She wants to tell her boss about it. He wants to drive away with a customer. The customer is curious and invites Ana to come along. An undercover agent wants to blow up a money laundering ring. For this he needs the help of Ozzy. He has had enough of being used as an errand boy by his boss. Ozzy is with investigator Carsten in a bare-knuckle fight. Ana shows up there with her boss.


The feature film “Limbo” was shot as a one-shot film in one piece without editing. This unusual narrative style requires a special musical accompaniment. The Limbo score supports the film’s pull into the machinations of the criminal underworld. Experimental and dark sounds characterize Limbo Score: Among other things, rhythms and sounds were created by recording non-musical objects such as a drainpipe at Munich’s Ostbahnhof or experimenting with harsh electronic drum sounds. Just the sound of the human voice in the Limbo score becomes more present as the film progresses, signaling the cry for help from the humanity that is being eradicated by this hopeless system.