Lassie - ein neues Abenteuer - Filmmusik von David Reichelt


Feature film | Director: Hanno Olderdissen (2023)

In the new cinema adventure “Lassie – A New Adventure”, Flo and longhaired collie Lassie spend the summer vacations at the farm of aunt Cosima in South Tyrol, who lives there with Jack Russell Pippa and her foster children Kleo and Henri. When Flo, Kleo and Henri learn about missing dogs in the village, they anxiously take it upon themselves not to lose sight of Lassie and Pippa. But then Aunt Cosima’s house is broken into and Pippa is stolen! Lassie quickly gets on the trail of the thieves, but must catch them in the act….

The soundtrack of Lassie – A new adventure.

The music for “Lassie – A New Adventure” is first and foremost meant to be fun. Lassie, Flo, Kleo, Henri and Pippa have a real adventure, and the music reflects the tension when the friends are in danger, the joy when Lassie sprints through the South Tyrolean woods, and the friendship between Lassie and Flo. The sound is orchestral and big, but still modern. Folk elements round out the sound world and support the orchestra with electric guitars, acoustic guitars, drums and bass.