La Palma Filmmusik

La Palma

Feature film, Netflix | Director: Erec Brehmer (2020)

Sanne and Markus, who are in a relationship crisis, accidentally fly to the wrong island for a vacation together. Out of necessity, they get into a vacation home there and begin role-playing with new identities. At the beginning, the game is an exciting new discovery of their relationship for Sanne and Markus, but it becomes increasingly destructive as both push themselves into old role patterns.


Wild, driving guitar sounds, this is the sound that makes up the acoustic LA PALMA film score. The music composed for the film by David Reichelt goes beyond the problems of the characters and shows the lightness of life. It tells the story of the island, but then focuses specifically on the emotional level of the main characters at the important moments. The title song, inspired by the sound of Buena Vista Social Club, was created in collaboration with AnnaLu & Shavez, who sing the song.