Songs in Breaking Even

Breaking Even

ZDFneo Series | Director: Boris Kunz

The billion-dollar Lindemann Group has set itself the goal of bringing the first self-driving car to market. A fatal accident occurs during an unauthorized test drive. Aspiring corporate lawyer Nora Shaheen, assigned to the case, stumbles upon dropout Jenny, the daughter of a former family housekeeper, who may be after truth, justice or revenge.


The songs in Breaking Even of the folk genre describe a raw, wistful nostalgic mood. Shary Osman and Jordan Prince contribute vocals. The score itself is a music of contrasts: on the one hand, the elite world that the characters visit in the course of the series, on the other hand, the menace of the same world. Traditional and modern sound surfaces face each other, mix, influence each other. David Reichelt gets very close to the characters and uses the music to tell the elegy of the world within which the characters operate.