Filmmusik zu König Laurin

King Laurin

Feature film | Director: Matthias Lang (2016)

Theo is much too small for his age, much to the disappointment of his father, King Dietrich. One day in the mountains, Theo meets the dwarf king Laurin, who was banished by King Dietrich with all his people. The fateful encounter develops into an unusual friendship that ultimately has consequences for the entire kingdom.

Film music for King Laurin

The soundtrack to King Laurin is designed as a classical orchestral score. In driving, lively tones, the music supports the fairy tale. The fantasy elements of the plot are also incorporated into the score for King Laurin through the use of ethnic, traditional instruments.

For the title song “One Single Rose,” David Reichelt and singer Caroline Adler won the German Film Music Award in the category “Best Song in a Film” in 2017.