Filmmusik von Hindafing

Hindafing season 1

BR, ARTE, Netflix Series | Director: Boris Kunz (2017)

Hindafing’s mayor Alfons Zischl is heavily in debt. The Donau Village construction project comes at just the right time. And then Zischl is also supposed to get access to his late father’s black money account – if he accommodates refugees in Hindafing. And Zischl also wants to stop using drugs, at least until the paternity suit is finally off the table. But then everything turns out quite differently…

Hindafing film music

The film music of Hindafing, about the intrigues and machinations of the mayor, is set to music by David Reichelt with a wild, energetic jazz score. A trio of double bass, drums and saxophone set the tone, with a Fender Rhodes expanding the sound palette. In the first season, the main character’s drug problem in the Hindafing film score allows him to explore new worlds of sound.