Filmmusik Eine Almhütte für Zwei

An alpine hut for two

ARD Feature film | Director: Benedikt Röskau (2019)

Leonhard, a mountain farmer who lives alone, is sitting on a vein of gold without realizing it: an underground spring supplies his mountain pasture with a unique healing water that could be marketed in the best possible way. However, Leonhard, who has remained mentally at the level of a big child, is not so good at business. The Urbayer wants to finally find the woman for life!

Film music A mountain hut for two

In this German comedy, David Reichelt focuses on the warm-heartedness and openness of the main characters on a musical level. The film music Eine Almhütte für Zwei describes the beautiful love story at the center of the plot. The human voice is used as an instrument by singing exclusively on vowels. This underscores the humanity of the characters.

There are also elements of local Bavarian color: the accordion, for example, is one of the central elements of the film score Eine Almhütte für Zwei.